Happy Visit

Going to the dentist for the first time can be a fun experience, believe it or not.  At the Tooth Doctors our little patients come in for Happy Visits! Are you worried you child won't cooperate at the dentist? Are you concerned you child will be afraid of the dentist?  Come for a HAPPY VISIT!


What is a Happy Visit?

A happy visit is an appointment for your child where he/she will meet the hygienist, ride in our chair, see our neat instruments, get their teeth counted, and best of all, get a prize at the end of the visit. It's an opportunity for your child to be introduced to the dentist in a non threatening environment to reduce the risk of dental anxiety.  Our hygienist will also talk to the child's parents/guardian about home oral hygiene.


How Much does a Happy Visit Cost? and How Long is a Happy Visit?

At the Tooth Doctors a happy visit is FREE! It usually about ten minutes long and includes a prize at the end of the visit.  Children come in for as many happy visits as they need until they are comfortable.


When Should I Bring My Child in for a Happy Visit?

At the Tooth Doctors, we like to see your child when their first tooth erupts or by the age of 1, as recommended by the Canadian Dental Association.  We like to see our young patients at this age for prevention and to get your child comfortable in a dental environment. Early happy visits allow children to experience the dentist in a fun environment BEFORE they may have to come in for an actual visit.


Parents can schedule a happy visit to best suit their child, so they will be more receptive to the new environment. Please call our office at (705)530-1600 to schedule an appointment.


 How Can I Prepare my Child for a Happy Visit?

  •  Prepare your child before hand by talking about visiting the dentist
  •  Watch a video or read a book about going to the dentist or about teeth

         (Dr. Wong's favourite children's story about teeth is here: My Milk Toof)

  •  Brush your child's teeth 2x a day so your child will get used to having dental implements in their mouth
  •  Teach your child to open their mouth to show their teeth
  •  Be excited at upbeat and treat your visit like an adventure


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