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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Cerec dentistry?

    A:Cerec dentistry is the utilization of a computer CAD/CAM system to help fabricate porcelain restorations such as a crown, inlay or onlay in one appointment.  After our Cerec trained dentists carefully prepare your tooth for a Cerec restoration, a digital impression is taken of the tooth. The latest computer software is used to help design your new restoration with the dentist's input. After about 15 minutes of milling in our in-house lab, the Cerec restoration is ready for the mouth. No more messy impressions, temporaries or second visits with freezings.

  • What is sleep dentistry?


    Sleep dentistry is when one of our highly trained dentists utilizes techniques to sedate our patient for dental care.  Once the patient is safely asleep, the dental work is completed. This allows our anxious and nervous patients the ability to have their dental work completed in a safe and efficient manner without ever experiencing the sound of the drill or freezing.

  • Why are my teeth sensitive following whitening?

    A:The whitening material utilizes 'pores' in enamel to access the dentin, as it is the dentin that is normally stained.  The dentin has channels that are in direct contact with the nerve of the tooth. Since the 'pores' are present even when not whitening, they still allow air and cold to penetrate the dentin and nerve, thus the sensitivity people experience.

  • Why is a cleaning important?

    A:Regular, preventative care is important in ensuring that the gums and boney tissues are maintained for optimal health.  Plaque and tartar, which contains bacteria cam infect the gums and bones around the teeth and result in bone loss and tooth mobility, which ultimately leads to tooth loss. To combat the bacterial infection, regular scaling, better known as "cleaning" is utilized to help the patient maintain their oral health.

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